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THERMAGEL, Heat shield Gel, 946 ml, FSH Welding, Polymer, Heat Barrier - ACCESSORIES MOTORS & PARTS - E-Motor Nations - electric motors - [product_tags]- motor electric - moteur électrique - moteurs - drive - replacement - venmar - hvac - méchoui - capacitor - condensateur - fan

THERMAGEL, Heat shield Gel, 946 ml, FSH Welding, Polymer, Heat Barrier

E-Motor Nations

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Heatshield is a unique polymer gel especially formulated to create a heat barrier and protect parts from welding, brazing or soldering.

Thermagel is a unique odorless polymer gel specially formulated to create a heat barrier or shield to protect parts from brazing or soldering flames and welding. Thermagel helps avoid damage caused by heat when welding, brazing or soldering

  • · Easy to apply, harmless to skin, non-toxic, non corrosive and biodegradable
  • Good adherence on steel, stainless, brass, copper, glass, aluminum, plastics, etc.
  • · Vertical and overhead surfaces are effectively protected because Thermagel will not drip or run off
  • Save time by eliminating the costly disassembly of valves or other components · Prevent heat distortion on thin and expensive parts
  • Prevents welding splatter adhering to surfaces when using stick electrodes or MIG wires
  • Easy to clean with water without staining and no danger for the environment


Thermagel is an easily applied gel that prevents heat damage to sensitive areas when undertaking repairs where high temperatures are involved such as in welding, brazing or soldering operations. Thermagel reduces danger of fire to surrounding surfaces such as wood, drywall, insulation, carpets, painted walls, rubber, Teflon valves and plastics. Excellent for body shop repairs, hospitals, home repairs, farms, plumbing, air conditioning, dairy and milk industries, welding schools, welding shops, etc. PROC

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