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KBVF-24,  VFD, Drive, 1 Hp, VFD. IP-20 230VAC.  1PH INPUT,  9978

KBVF-24, KB,VFD, Drive, 1 Hp, VFD. IP-20 230VAC. 1PH INPUT, 9978

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KBVF-24,  KB Electronics ,

  • VFD, Drive,
  • 1 Hp, VFD.
  • IP-20 230VAC. 
  • 1PH INPUT, 
  • Model 9978

The KBVF-23, adjustable frequency AC Drive provides control of standard, 1/2 horsepower, 3 Phase AC and PSC induction motors used for Machine or Variable Torque (HVAC) applications. Standard features include; Digital Programming, Adjustable RMS Current Limit, I2t prevents Motor Burnout, Slip Compensation with Auto-Tune & Boost provides excellent load regulation over a 30:1 speed range, Power Start? delivers over 200% motor starting torque to ensure startup of high frictional loads. Other standard features include Run/Fault Relay Output Contacts, Electronic Inrush Current Limit (EICL) that eliminates harmful AC Line inrush current, and a built-in dV/dT filter, that reduces harmful voltage spikes to the motor. Also provided are two diagnostic LEDs. The AC Drive is housed in a rugged U-frame chassis with an industry-standard mounting footprint. A finger-safe cover provides protection against accidental contact with electrical components. Dimensions approx. 4.3" X 3.9" X 2.5" Agency approvals: UL, CE, CSA, C-Tick Optional accessories include: SIVFR Signal Isolator, MSB Multi-Speed Board, RFI Filters Class A ; B, DLM Download Module, Drive Linktm Programming Kit, Modbus Communications Kit, Dynamic Brake Module.



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