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RW27-1D3-U015, weg

RW27-1D3-U015, WEG, Overload Relay, 3 Poles, 10-15a, CWM9,CWM40, CWM9N,CWM32N


  • $116.54

RW27-1D3-U015, WEG

fix on serie contactor CWM9,CWM40, CWM9N,CWM32N

10-15 amps ajustable

3 poles 

Main Features :
- Same frame size for either AC or DC coils;
- Auxiliary blocks are available for frontal mounting with two or four contacts;
- Wide range of accessories (same as used for CWC0 minicontactors) allowing greater flexibility for control circuits;
- Direct mounting on DIN EN 50.002 or with fixing screws;
- Contacts electrical ratings A600, Q600;
- Low consuption DC coil for directly connection with PLC (no interface relays required).

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