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JPQP-36, Maxmotion, 15 hp, 3600 Rpm,230/460V,FR:254JP, Tefc,pump motor


  • $1,880.43

Part# JPQP-36

Product Highlights

  • 15 HP,
  • 3545 RPM
  • 208-230V / 460V
  • 60/50 HZ
  • 254JP Frame,
  • TEFC Enclosure
  • Rigid
  • Cast Iron Body Material


Close coupled pumps when the pump impeller is required to be mounted directly on the motor shaft in damp and dirty environments, and operating directly across the line or from a variable frequency inverter.



  • Design - NEMA standard MG-1, Design B Meets MG-1 Part 31
  • Agency listings and standards - NEMA, IEEE, CSA, CSAus, IEC, CE, NRCan
  • Service Factor – 1.25 SF 1HP to 50HP.
  • Electrical Supply - At 60Hz: 575V and 208-230/416-480V dual rated for 50Hz: 190/380-415, Frame 445T+ are only 460V or 575V.
  • Windings - Highest Quality Corona resistant inverter duty magnet copper wire. VPI with additional dip and bake.
  • Insulation - Non-Hygroscopic Class F with Class B temperature rise.
  • Voltage and Frequency Variation - +/- 10% Voltage (-5@208V & 416V, and +5%@480V and +/- frequency)
  • Bearings - 143T to 215T are double sealed and grease filled, 254T to 449T are regreasable with brass grease nipples and retaining bearing caps. Frames 404T to 449T are with roller bearings with optional ball bearings at no charge.
  • Bearing lubricant - Frame 143T to 215T is lithium grease, -30 Deg C to 110 Deg C Amb. Frames 254T to 449T are long life Mobil Polyrex EM, -29 Deg C to 177 Deg C.
  • Enclosure Protection - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled meeting IEC standard Ip54. Factory Certified Division 2 Class I Groups A, B, C, D Class II Groups F, G. Meets Temp Code T2B.
  • Conduit Box - Oversize cast iron, diagonally split and can be rotated in 90 Deg steps. Lead separator gasket to seal conduit box from frame and gasketed cover. Grounding terminal inside conduit box and threaded conduit entry.
  • Inverter Duty - Suitable for Inverter application at 230V, 460V, and 575V for speed ranges of 10:1 constant torque and 20:1 variable torque.
  • Nameplate - Corrosion resistant stainless steel showing all data, connection diagrams and certifications.
  • Drain Plugs - Located at the lowest point of each end bracket.
  • Warranty - 30 months from installation or 36 months from shipment whichever is first.

 60 Hz
 208-230V, 460V
 Cast Iron
 20:1 CT
 Polyrex EM
 30 Months From Installation or 36 Months From Shipment Whichever Is First

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