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D671B,Fasco,1/15 Hp, 1550 Rpm,115/208-230V,Refrigeration Motor, 3.3'',

D671B,Fasco,1/15 Hp, 1550 Rpm,115/208-230V,Refrigeration Motor, 3.3'',


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D671B, Fasco, 3.3'',Semi Enclosed, Fan Cooled, 

Nameplate Specifications


Century Model 671B, JB2R118N, JB2R118
Cross Reference: 71732168, 7173-2168, A0215 9659 D469 D471 D473 D477 D479 1006 1016 1231 1232 1331 1431 1432 5KSP11DG755 5KSP11DG757 5KSP11DG814 5KSP11DG816 5KSP11DG912 5KSP11FG1046 5KSP11FG1094 5KSP11FG1214 5KSP11FG1214S 5KSP11FG1215 5KSP11FG1222 5KSP11FG13 5KSP11FG1377 5KSP11FG166 5KSP11FG205 5KSP11FG209 5KSP11FG210 5KSP11FG228 5KSP11FG270 5KSP11FG285 5KSP11FG286 5KSP11FG358 5KSP11FG359 5KSP11FG373 5KSP11FG398 5KSP11FG401 5KSP11FG402 5KSP11FG418 5KSP11FG499 5KSP11FG500 5KSP11FG528 5KSP11FG548 5KSP11FG656 5KSP11FG692 5KSP11FG7 5KSP11FG703 5KSP11FG789 5KSP11FG791 5KSP11FG793 5KSP11FG795 5KSP11FG797 5KSP11FG799 5KSP11FG818 5KSP11FG820 5KSP11FG951 5KSP11FG952 5KSP11FG962 5KSP11HG1230 5KSP11HG1231 5KSP11HG1245 5KSP11HG1246 JA2R247 JA2R292

Technical Specifications


  • General Purpose Motor
  • 3.3" Diameter
  • Shaded Pole
  • Thermally Protected
  • Open Shaft End and Lead End End-Frame, Enclosed Shell, Fan Cooled, Air Over
  • Class B Insulation, 40°C Ambient
  • Ball Bearing
  • 5/16" Diameter Shaft with Flat
  • 35" Leads
  • Resilient Mounting Ring Shaft End and Opposite Shaft End

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