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TF000502W01DOE, Weg, 1 Hp, 3435 Rpm, 575V, Fr:56, TEFC, W01, Premium,

TF000502W01DOE, Weg, 1 Hp, 3435 Rpm, 575V, Fr:56, TEFC, W01, Premium,

E-Motor Nations

  • $445.00

TF000502W01DOE, Weg,TF000502, Replace Bakldor EM3545-5, Us Motors U1P1G, Leeson 110715.00, Teco Westinghouse RF00125-56,

  • 1 Hp,
  • 3435 Rpm,
  • 575V,
  • Frame: 56,
  • Enclosure TEFC,
  • W01 Series,
  • Premium efficiency

The W01 motor is the perfect option for applications that require robustness, low weight and high performance in a single product. The W01 Rolled Steel platform has good thermal performance and easy installation and maintenance. With a steel plate frame and aluminum flange, these versatile motors provide torque and durability for the severest applications.

The motors of the W01 Rolled Steel line are the perfect option for applications where performance, robustness and light-weight are required in an all-in-one product


Presenting a whole new electrical and mechanical design, the new platform of Rolled Steel motors are made to run cooler, last longer and to be easier to install and maintain. Available on two options, the TEFC motors are designed for operating in environments of dirt, dust and moisture, on indoor and outdoor applications, while the ODP motors are designed for environments where dirt and moisture are minimal. Fractional Horsepower (FHP) motors on NEMA 48 and 56 frame are available on single or three-phase for general purpose, jet pump and also with resilient base configurations on standard or Premium Efficiency that meet or exceed the Premium Efficiency requirements in accordance to the Department of Energy (DOE) regulations, already in course. The scenario of increasing demand for more compact and efficient electric motors creates the need to develop new products with higher performance, quality, reliability and that exceed the requirements of customers. In accordance with this thinking, WEG developed the new W01 Rolled Steel platform.

Main features and benefits of the W01 FHP Rolled Steel motors g New ventilation system for improved thermal performance g Visual identity along the full scope and with internal bolts g Oversized diagonally split aluminum terminal box rotatable in 90º increments on TEFC motors g Optional internal AEGIS® SGR for three-phase motors g Suitable for VFD operation as per NEMA MG1 part g Color coded/numbered leads as standard for easy wiring g Bearing cap as standard on all flanged motors

Stator winding The stator windings of the W01 Rolled Steel motors are supplied with class F insulation and temperature rise class B (80 K).

Ventilation System The motors of the W01 Rolled Steel line comply with the specification of Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC IC-411)



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