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DURON SHP 10W30, Super High Performance Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils,

E-Motor Nations

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Super High Performance Heavy Duty, 10W30 Diesel Engine Oils

DURON SHP super high performance heavy-duty diesel engine oils.

Can your engine oil really improve your productivity? DURON SHP can. DURON SHP is engineered to meet and exceed the demands of API CK-4. DURON SHP blends our uniquely advanced synthetic blend base oil technology with superior additives to help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve your reliability and
  • Protect your on and off-road engines 10W30

DURON SHP 10W30 line of premium performance multigrade diesel engine oils deliver industry leading protection
against increased wear which can lead to lower productivity and impaired fuel economy. They have been specifically designed to
outperform various ACEA performance requirements, as well as various API service requirements, such as CK-4, CJ-4 and previous.
These diesel engine oils exceed the highest standards of performance and provide extended drain capabilities and excellent all
weather performance.
DURON heavy duty diesel engine oils deliver superior engine protection and operational efficiency. Made with high quality base oils
and premium additive chemistries, DURON outperforms API and ACEA requirements, as well as demanding OEM specifications to
provide tangible benefits such as longer engine life, extended oil drain intervals*, better all weather performance and better efficiency
resulting in increased productivity.

Reduced oil consumption
• Low volatility base oils decrease vaporisation so less oil is
lost, efficiency is improved, and the oil retains more of its
fresh oil properties
• Reduces oil top-up frequency
Greater Piston Cleanliness
• Significantly reduces deposit-causing sludge
• Helps maintain engine integrity, performance and efficiency
Better Resistance to Corrosion
• Helps maintain engine performance and efficiency
Advanced soot control
• Effectively controls and disperses particulate matter and soot
while controlling viscosity increase
• Helps reduce wear and maintain fuel economy

DURON heavy duty diesel engine oils listed here are
formulated to exceed various ACEA, API, and OEM
requirements. For a full list of Approvals and Recommendations,
please see the following page.
DURON UHP E6 10W-40 is an Ultra High Performance synthetic
diesel engine oil specifically designed to outperform ACEA E6
requirements and protect engines in severe conditions. With a
full suite of approvals far exceeding major OEM requirements,
DURON UHP E6 10W-40’s performance is not just impressive
– it’s proven. DURON UHP E6 10W-40’s unmatched quality
provides exceptional engine protection, longer engine
life, extended oil drain intervals, best-in-class all weather
performance and better operating efficiency for many on-road
and off-road applications.


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