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5H1054A, 1.5Hp,850 Rpm, 3A, Fr:56Y,Reversible,8-187660-01,Odp,

5H1054A, 1.5Hp, 850 Rpm, 3 Amps, Frame:56Y,Reversible,8-187660-01,Odp,

E-Motor Nations

  • $1,052.20

5H1054A, Century, 8-187660-01,056T85ORR40004A2,

Nameplate Specifications

Technical Specifications

General Specifications

  • High operating temps, Rated 70°C (158°F) Max Ambient temperature
  • Patented Max Guard® insulation system ensures dependable motor life under the adverse thermal and dielectric stresses imposed by the high switching frequencies of PWM medium voltage drives
  • VCD™ Voltage Change Device enables quick 230V or 460V voltage selection
  • Double sealed ball bearings are pre-lubricated with a special formulation for moisture resistance and provide extra-long life
  • Automatic reset thermal protector protects against motor overload and automatically resets
  • Non-conductive greased bearings
  • UL® recognized and CSA® certified



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