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DVR2000E, MARATHON, AVR, Electric Voltage Regulators, Genuine Part


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DVR2000E, MARATHON, AVR, Electric Voltage Regulators, Genuine Part,

True RMS Sensing ± One or Three Phase: 
Connect the sensing mode you prefer. Senses 95 to 600 volts ±10% at 50/60 hertz. Patented circuitry senses true RMS voltage rather than average for superior load regulation. 

Soft-Start Ramp on Initial Start-Up: 
Controlled increase to rated voltage. Limits overshoot of voltage during voltage build-up. 

Engine Unloading: 
Monitors the rate of frequency change during transient conditions. Provides additional voltage dip during speed drop to allow engine to recover faster. 

Over voltage Shutdown: 
Provides generator protection during sustained overvoltage. The overvoltage point is preset at 20% over normal generator operating voltage, with a preset timeout of 0.75 seconds. 

VAR/PF Controller: 
Model DVR 2000EC (optional) provides control when paralleled to utility power. VAR or PF control can be selected or changed by regulator adjustment. 

Encapsulated Design: 
Maximum protection against moisture or abrasive contamination, which can lead to early regulator failure. 
Tested to MIL-STD-705, Method 711.1C. Salt fog tested 
to MIL-STD-810E. 
Auto/Manual Mode: 
Exciter field current can be controlled by the regulator or manually set at a fixed value.

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